Welcome to the world of Earthside! Earthside is my first novel, the first story I’ve ever completed. I’m so excited to introduce my characters Ben and Marek to you all. Thank you for your support!

About Earthside

The Earth was rendered nearly unliveable during the Great World War. Two hundred years later, the majority of humanity lives in space stations orbiting a healing blue planet and have organised themselves into a nation known as The Union.

Earthside follows the story of Third Year “spacer” student Ben Reed and his classmates on a disastrous field trip to Earth. When their school group is attacked by rebels, they have no choice but to flee. On their journey to seek refuge and rescue in the walled town of Paree, they discover that one of their number has secret ties to Earth and one of the rebel factions.

Finding themselves caught up in a movement much bigger than the anxieties of high school, Ben and his companions must put aside their childish problems and face the dangers of war.

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