Tomorrow’s Specials

Farewell, farewell to another year. Endings for some, beginnings for others. A new number to forget every time we write the date (it almost looks like a 5 if you give it a little hat and a tail…) What bits shall we remember, which parts to wipe away? Clearing your slate as if to write tomorrow’s specials on a dainty little board. Go on, make yourself a list. It helps, they say, it helps.

I’ll have one order of self-confidence, please. Yes, don’t hold back, make it a generous slice. That should whet the appetite, get me ready for the main. Oh look, it’s sprinkled with me! How lovely I am. Cool and collected, so beautiful. And funny! Haha. Yes, I am quite accomplished. On to the main dish? Yes, of course!

For my main I’d like a career plan, please. Salad or roast potatoes? Well. How much extra is it for both? I see. Probably should just get one. Spoilt for choice, how will I ever be able to focus on the flavours of that delectable career? It’s good to have a clear idea where one’s going with one’s life, don’t you agree?

A glass of something to drink? Why of course! How could I forget. I think a warming cup of friends should do it. Yes, it vanishes the cold from one’s bones, it does. And did you say there are free refills? Splendid. Keep me topped up! You can’t get cheer like this from any old place.

Goodness, I’m stuffed! I couldn’t possibly have another bite. Dessert tray, you say? Well, it can’t hurt to take a look. My word, is that boyfriend? Well, it’s been quite some time since the last time I had one of those. And since it is a special day… Oh, go on. Yes, one scoop of boyfriend please. My choice of toppings? Where to start, where to start… A drizzle of gentleman, perhaps… but not too much! I can carry my own handbag, thanks. Is that love of China? Oh no, it’s desire to live in China. Well that’s just as good. A sprinkle of intellectual, a dash of foodie… And a sense of humour on top. Perfect.

Every year has its ups and downs, every year takes its toll. I wonder what the bill will be for such a sumptuous feast? If I can’t afford to pay it will I forfeit my future? 2014 gave me distance from awkward situations and took away familiarity and closeness in return. Building a new network of friends and lovers is no small feat. I feel so isolated in this moment, so unsteady on my small feet. But I shall plant them in the ground here and grow myself some roots. In 2015 I will blossom, even if the blossoms cannot yet bear fruit.

And to everyone out there, fighting their fights, I say “out with the old and in with the new”. Rewrite your menu, pick your own adventure, and trust that your choices are right. Let’s ring in this new year with our growling hungry bellies! Whatever it is that you hunger for, may this be your year to get it.

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3 Responses to Tomorrow’s Specials

  1. Gerry Ajesta says:

    Can I have everything please? ^^ I enjoyed reading this.

  2. What a creative blog! You are very accomplished – insightful and incisive too! Are you going to post this to FB for the New Year? So proud of you!

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