Ride the Horse to Success! 马上成功! Happy Horse Year 2014

Trying to ignore the fact that it’s already February, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! On the Chinese lunar calendar, 2014 falls in the year of the Horse, which is apparently one for buckling down and working hard. Hence not much fanfare on my end of things; I was too busy “buckling down” and “working hard” (being burnt out and ill) to do much blogging in the run-up to the new year.

The Chinese in the title, 马上成功 mashang chenggong, is a silly Chinese pun of which I have seen dozens around town. The word 马上 mashang, while if you break it down means “on a horse” is actually a word that means immediately. So all year, you can say “succeed immediately” or “immediate gifts” in your advertising while making a pun on it being the year of the Horse.  This is the kind of madness that has been riddling my brain in the past few months as I struggle to comprehend the influx of words and phrases assaulting my brain which now can read virtually any Chinese character it sees on the street.

I promise that I will do more writing in the coming days and weeks. This is just the kick to the behind that I need to get back into the game.  I imagine the year’s eponymous Horse doing the kicking and then I really start to feel motivated.

Things that have happened:

  • Christmas in Chengdu
  • My birthday party
  • A short trip to Kunming

Things that will happen:

  • The company’s 15th anniversary Annual Meeting – a week of conferences concluded with a large celebration in which each department contributes a performing act. More on that to follow, I promise!
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