Diary 2013/08/01 – All I do is work, work, work

Day 2 at work today. My company literally has a “Jack” of all trades! He works in the Administrative Department, but is the go-to guy for any problems. Yesterday I told him about my busted shower and internet, and by lunchtime they were fixed. Brill. I also sorted my SIM card and bank account, and was introduced to the office. I love it. It is a Chinese company, but our General Manager has lived in the UK since university (she’s got a home in Manchester), so the management style is a unique blend of Chinese and Western attributes. I can’t exactly explain in words why this makes me very happy, but it must be because I have an affinity to Chinese culture that I enjoy working in a Chinese company so much. The Employee Handbook also states that my company rewards initiative and creativity, and encourages employees to basically think for themselves. I will do very well here.

My department manager, Shirly, has already told me that I learn very quickly. I told her that there is no other way for me to be! I am here to learn, and as a recent graduate, my flexible mind is my prime asset, since I lack a wealth of experience in the field of English teaching and education. I already am enjoying the work, and while the thought of teaching students as a newby teacher is very daunting, so far I felt I’ve risen to the challenge and can only get better from here.

I have to do a lot of research at this stage, so that I am teaching my students the right things. Reading books about English vocabulary for living in the UK, and listening to tapes of IELTS listening tests makes me a little homesick for the UK! In a way, I feel that I will end up romanticising it quite a lot in my mind since I will be teaching students about all the best parts of the country while drawing on my own fond memories of it. I’m sure most will agree that that isn’t a bad thing, while the others will grumble “There’s nothing that great about the UK, rains all the time and everyone is drunk!” All I can offer those detractors is a knowing wink.

Lastly, I have most definitely had a déjà vu dream of my office here in Chengdu! As you might have figured out, I set quite a store on dreams, and believe that déjà vu dreams occur of places and events that are “unstitched in time” for you, places where you were content or which define you. Madeleine L’Engle wrote as such in her novel A Ring of Endless Light, and it rang very true with me.

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