Diary 2013/7/26

I’m still in the US right now, on the bus heading to Chicago. Travel gives one a lot of thinking time. I keep closing my eyes to take a nap, then suddenly snapping awake to jot down a thought in my diary.

The Hunger that Cannot Be Explained to Anybody

Inside us all there lies a beast

That would devour us if left unfed

Each hunger is unique

The only similarity is our inability to make others understand how it rules us.

It can be a verb

an ideal

a noun.

It is a golden truth that makes us feel alive.


My word, my hunger is MOVE.


It is why I dance

It is why I travel

It is why I move house

It is why I write.

I move my body for art and joy

I move my conscience across borders to see

I move my possessions so my roots do not stagnate

I move your souls by baring my own.

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