Signs that I’ve lived in China for too long

Signs that I’ve been in China too long:

  • I almost got my nail-clippers out on the Metro train
  • It’s “okay” for someone to hawk their lugie into a bush, just not onto the road
  • I have, on occasion, actually spit into a bush in a public space
  • I carry an umbrella on sunny days to protect my skin from the sun
  • I’m really good at weaving through moving cars and bicycles, and never look at the traffic light
  • I don’t really miss cheese
  • I sometimes catch my reflection and think, “God, who’s that girl with the freakishly pale skin and massive clear eyes?!”
  • I was once mistaken for a Chinese person. No really, I’m not even joking: I was at a café, and when the girl showed me the bill and said the number in English I looked so confused that she said, “Sorry, I thought you were a foreigner.” We spoke for a bit, and she was still like, “You’re Chinese, right?” I don’t think she was wearing her glasses…
  • I eat rice everyday, and feel weird if I don’t

Now I’m on my way back to jolly Manchester, and another exciting chapter of my life is beginning. It will be a year for caving, dissertation-writing, beer-imbibing, and “relearning” English, and I look forward to sharing all of the highs and lows! 再见zaijian, until we meet again!

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