Sharing Time: Mangosteens


One of the things I really love about Asia is the variety of fruit available. Sometimes, the variety is so overwhelming, I don’t even dare purchase the more exotic-looking fruit, often because I seriously would have no idea how to eat it! Take the mangosteen for example. Its outer shell resembles, to my eyes, a plum. So you bite right into it, yes? No! This is seriously one of the strangest fruits I have ever encountered. It takes a bunch of elements from “traditional” fruits and swaps things around until the end product is something seemingly out of this world!

I would never have tried it on my own, but when I read a review on the website Shanghaiist (“Dish of the Day: Mangosteen @ any fruit stand“), where mangosteens were described as “balls of mouth-gasm”, I figured I simply must give it a chance! The article included a description of how to eat them as well, so this traditional fruit-eater had no excuses left!

It took me three mangosteens to get the peeling technique right, but I was rewarded by the sweet yet tangy taste explosion of the fruit in my mouth. The white segments inside look like what would happen if an orange and a mango had albino babies. The outer skin is surprisingly hard; a mangosteen to the head would probably knock a person out!

On another note, to take the photo above I actually started playing around with the ISO, white balance, and exposure on my new camera. Am I making the transition from someone who is satisfied to simply point-and-click to a photography hobbyist?

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