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Impressions of a Village

  Spring had finally come to the valley. The mountains had changed from the dry golden yellow of winter to a lush, verdant green. Everywhere was bursting with life. The rains had come, and the fields that the villagers had … Continue reading

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Detestable Sunday

There’s a part of me that really hates Sundays. They are nothing but an excuse. The weekend is supposed to be for resting, releasing some steam, and recuperating. Or for the more ambitious of us, getting done those things we … Continue reading

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Sharing Time: Mangosteens

Mangosteens! One of the things I really love about Asia is the variety of fruit available. Sometimes, the variety is so overwhelming, I don’t even dare purchase the more exotic-looking fruit, often because I seriously would have no idea how … Continue reading

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The Fasting Hall

The Fasting Hall at Beijing’s Temple of Heaven is a dedicated set of buildings where the Emperor would fast, meditate, and study religious texts in the days before practicing sacrificial rites to Heaven. As I walk its perimeter, I suddenly … Continue reading

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Beijing, Centre of the Middle Kingdom

I have many a post to be posting, but first things first! In April I went to visit Beijing for the first time, despite having lived in China for three and half years all in all. The capital city of … Continue reading

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