Shout Out

Just a short little shout out to the people out there. In the world. Doing stuff. I’m just feeling a little frustrated that it’s such a hassle to get Facebook access. I miss talking to my faraway friends! And there’s so much stuff I want to share. There’s certainly not a lack of places I can share things: I have Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter), (Chinese Facebook), MSN, Googlechat, Skype… The problem is just that not that many people are connected to me on these networks! I want to gather all my friends in ONE place, but most of all, I want people to pay attention to what I have to say! The most views this blog had recently was 5. Not that I’m some spectacular blog writer, but that is a rather depressing number. Anyway, please excuse this whiney little rant. And get in touch with me, world, I miss you!

Awesome things lately:
Youth America Grand Prix documentary “First Position” (link)
I’m going to Beijing next week
I got a new camera (Sony DSC-TX10, waterproof, dustproof, great wide-angle lens) to replace the one that got stolen
I got a new haircut

I love you all!

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