Sharing Time! 2011/12/10

New music: fun.

That looks odd no matter how I phrase it, but that’s the band’s name. Glee covered one of their songs in the latest episode, and I loved it! They’re from New York, recently formed, with one album out and another (which includes the song used on Glee, “We Are Young”) coming out next year. They did a song called “C’mon” with Panic! at the Disco, which is pretty cool. The sound is alternative rock, a little wacky like Ludo. The singer’s voice is very clear, neither gravelly nor soft, and the songs are energetic, bouncy. The reason I liked “We Are Young” was because it sounded like it came from Manchester: an anthem about not being perfect, but wanting to give it a go anyway.

A warning, I’m not big into music, so my descriptions end up sounding pretty pedestrian. How I hear things and choose to describe them might not be how someone who “knows what they’re talking about” would. But I like what I like, and would like you to like them too! Sharey sharey~

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