A little list of things I love

Welcome to my blog. Here’s a list of things I love, so you can get to know me a little 🙂

  • The smell of onions frying
  • Discovering a Chinese word with intricate meaning
  • Coffee
  • Vinsetta Boulevard
  • Autumn weather
  • Sitting around the fire after caving
  • The sound of wind through trees
  • Getting letters, messages, emails, calls from loved ones
  • Being lucky
  • When cars drive by at night and their headlamps move across the bedroom walls and ceiling
  • When you wake up in the night or early morning and realise that it has just snowed, without looking out the window
  • Heavy rain
  • The smell of bread baking and flour
  • When someone spontaneously begins to play an instrument, and they are really good
  • Finding stationary that I cannot live without
  • When my photographs are beautiful
  • A good conversation
  • The colours plum purple, turquoise, cerulean, verdant yellow-green, sorbet pink, burgundy, navy, cream, and Spanish yellow
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